Self-Service Analysis WITH cubus outperform analytics

cubus outperform EV Analytics is the self-service reporting and analysis component of the cubus outperform platform. The product is fully compatible with the versions 10.2.1 and 9.x. of Executive Viewer. cubus EV supports Oracle Essbase, Microsoft Analysis Services and IBM Cognos TM1 as OLAP platforms.

cubus outperform EV Analytics
cubus outperform EV Analytics
cubus outperform EV Analytics is the self-service reporting and analysis component of the cubus outperform platform
Ad-hoc Analysis with cubus EV
Ad-hoc analysis with cubus EV
With cubus outperform EV Analytics creating your own ad hoc analyses is simple
Design your own dashboard. Simply by re-using existing views.
You’ll surely win over your colleagues with the attractive charts and tables in cubus outperform EV Analytics.
cubus outperform EV is designed to be integrated in your day-to-day working environment
Visual Information Design
Visual Information Design
Representation of meaningful reports
Mobile Business Intelligence
Mobile Reporting and Analysis
Flexible with cubus EV
Development objectives: Easy to use, Lean Administration
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Free trial version
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cubus EV Analytics explained In 2 minutes

Get an idea about the best and fastest ad-hoc analysis frontend on OLAP databases





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When your data starts talking to you

Here you can learn more about the comment functionality. By entering comments, you can draw attention to issues, explain backgrounds or add soft facts, which makes your analyses or reports more clear.




cubus outperform EV Analytics Product Highlights

Lean Administration

To enable a user to connect to an OLAP database is simple and could be done in 3 minutes. Open the EV Explorer web-based Administration Interface. Configure a data source (this is where the OLAP server is installed) and define a database connection (this is the name of the cube to work on). All other metadata will be imported by EV itself and is immediately available to the end-users. Any change in the underlying database structure is available when the end-user opens the report or view next time.

Virtual Calculations

Virtual calculations allow you to set up additional calculations without any knowledge of the underlying OLAP technology. Simply select on a “pocket calculator” style interface and create new KPIs, variances and other calculations using basic mathematical operators or enhanced statistical and mathematical functions.

Sort & Select

With Sort & Select you can make EV Server do the work for you.

Create the report of your top ten customer based on specific database values like revenue or margin or the bottom 5 report products that generated most negative profit within the last month.

Look for all negative variances or products without revenue in the last 3 months. If you have 100 products or 100,000 products, EV server will do the work for you – without programming simply by selecting from a menu.

Easy navigation

cubus outperform EV Analytics is the most intuitive user-interface to OLAP databases. When a user connects to a database or cubes, the first view is automatically predefined and the user can start to navigate within the dimensions.

You simply click on a dimension in the columns, rows or offgrid to select specific elements. You can pivot dimensions and change the column and row definitions simply with drag & drop operations directly in the table or the graph.


Ad-hoc Analysis with cubus EV

With cubus outperform EV Analytics creating your own ad hoc analyses is simple. You can select, search and sort all of the members, attributes and data that you need with just a few clicks. Best of all, you don’t need to start from scratch each time. You can get a jumpstart with predefined analyses that you can easily adapt to your requirements, save for later use, or even share with your colleagues.

Based on your own preferences your analysis could be done by using tables, graphs or both (tables and graphs) at the same time. You can perform free slicing and dicing in your multidimensional database in tabular or graphical form. The user interface is very easy and intuitive. Changing columns and rows, stacking dimensions, performing asymmetric selections or using built-in statistical functions is possible without any technical knowledge.

You can also dive deeper into your data. Create forecasts or run what-if scenarios to test the potential impact of different actions.

With drill-down, drill-through and drill-across functions you can get to the bottom of variances.

What our customers say
  • What we love most about cubus EV is the ease of use and really great flexibility doing our daily business. No programming at all! We rely on cubus and can recommend it to other organizations unlimited.
    Sven Hoffmann, Head of Controlling at Ritter Sport
  • EV is a critical part of our management system and we are most happy to have a partner as committed as we are.
    Nicholas Boicheff, Controller & CIO at Ferman Automotive Management Services
  • The performance also leaves nothing to be desired. Big databases become accessible within seconds. EV Analytics is the first program that allows us to fully leverage the potential of our databases without overloading (crashing) the system.
    Florian Prebeck, Technical Manager set Sales Management/Controlling, Bayerische Beamten Versicherung AG


Analysing data and reporting is one of the most important topics for all organisations. It is necessary to understand what happened in the past and the current situation your company is in.

Many years ago analysing data was much easier than today. In the past you were happy if you could retrieve your data from software systems. You have to trust that the data is the right data. Today, there are so many data sources, data warehouses, relational databases, additional data in excel, some data here and some data there. However, you can be sure you have the right data from your system. Compelling dashboards provide executives with the latest insight into all important KPIs so that they can make fact-based decisions.

Today it is difficult to get an overview of the most important KPI or display meaningful information based on your data. The challenge is preparing the data in tables or charts. Visualisation of data is very important and so many new chart types only add to this complexity. A development in the area of data visualisation is the ability to create dashboards.

Using the canvas object you are able to personally design your own dashboard or provide dashboards for your end-users. Simply by re-using existing views you can create a set of different graphical and tabular representations, combined on one screen and connecting to one or more different data sources you can provide a comprehensive overview of complex business situations.



Why settle for endless tables and tedious spreadsheets? You’ll surely win over your colleagues with the attractive charts and tables in cubus outperform EV Analytics.

Formatting the table provides you with endless freedom in representing your data in an attractive form and turn it into valuable information for your report recipients. You may apply formats not only to rows, columns and individual cells, but also to specific generations of a database dimension hierarchy or an individual set of members. Formatting will automatically follow the position of the element on the report, which means that there is no rework in formatting when changing the selection of your report.

The wide range of different chart types including, bar, line, area and many more can be used in combination with tables to effectively visualize data so that users can see the big picture.

After the report has been created you can define a subscription to schedule the sending of report packages via Email. These packages can be configured to be sent at any time in PDF or Excel format.
It is also possible to view reports on tablets and smartphones using EV Anywhere.

For Reporting issues it is important to create meaningful reports. How to do? Have a look at our chapter Visual Information Design.




cubus outperform EV Analytics is designed to be integrated in your day-to-day working environment.

Whether it is your e-Mail environment, your CRM-system, your Web-Portal or simply your next PowerPoint presentation: cubus outperform EV Analytics can be integrated and provide you with self service analysis and reporting.

There are out-of-the-box integration examples available for:

Oracle Business Intelligence (video below)

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Office (including PowerPoint and Excel), see screenshot below

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft CRM





visual information design

In times of BigData and IoT there are more and more information. One question in this context is how to provide the information to the recipient.
Providing the information so that the recipient can analyze and interpret the data fast and meaningful. Some identities like Stephen Few or Edward Tufte (in the DACH region Dr. Rolf Hichert) deal with this under the name Information Design. With cubus Visual Information Design we would like to assist you by optimizing your reporting system.

Read our series “Visual Information Design – How to Create Meaningful Reports” and / or get in contact with us to In addition, we could provide you some contact. 


Mobile Reporting and Analysis

cubus EV Anywhere allows you to view your reports on the go. It is possible to open reports on a desktop, tablet or smartphone so you are always informed on how you are performing. EV Anywhere has been designed for touch devices allowing you to perform a basic analysis to gain further insights to your data.

There are a number of possibilities to display great looking reports, but also allowing you to focus on your data. This can be achieved with tables, data bars, sparklines or a wide range of charting possibilities.

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Our Development objectives are:


Lean Administration

Best Performance in retrieving data (equal to Excel-addins)

Focussing on Self-Service Analysis und Reporting

Support OLAP-Platform specific features

Enhance integration capabilities

User-driven development

cubus product development is user-driven. For us, making software relevant to users includes asking what features and functions they require. So before we even laid out our priorities for EV we asked EV customers what improvements were at the top of their lists. We discussed possible enhancements at various round tables and invited all EV customers to participate in the process by casting their vote or entering their preferences on a special online voting platform.

Request features

We would be happy to take your ideas for new features. Your suggestions will not be published. They will be integrated in our productmanagement. Please send us an e-mail.


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