Future of Oracle Hyperion Web Analysis

World Class Cube Viewer – what’s the future of Hyperion Web Analysis?


Oracle Hyperion Web Analysis is no longer available, the premium support ended in April 2015 and now the extended support ends in April 2018.

The last version in Hyperion BI+ in which Web Analysis is included has been released a long time ago.

But what about the users of  this software? Is there any durable solution? The Web Analysis users love the way to work with the tool in an easy and intuitive way. Next to them the Essbase connectivity is great and it is a real OLAP experience compared to other tools like Oracle BI, Tableau, Qlik and others.

If you ask an Oracle sales representative he will probably promote Oracle BI and data visualization as a replacement which do not offer the same connectivity to Essbase as Web Analysis does.

There are other tools on the market promising a good connectivity to Essbase but only a few can do in a good way. So the question is which is really a good replacement for Web Analysis? Which tool offers a best-class connectivity to Essbase and offers the same and/or more capabilities as Web Analysis? Of course times are changing and there are new requirements for a front end tool. Especially for Web Analysis there is the choice you should take into consideration.



The Executive Viewer, today known as cubus EV, was initially developed for Essbase in the 1990s and since cubus acquired the source code in 2012 from IBM there is a future for this tool. More than 500 customers moved from IBM Executive Viewer to cubus EV and also a amount of customers moved from Web Analysis to cubus EV.

The fact checker answers the question why. Next to functional capabilities there are also some other key aspects like support and project success which is proved by the independent BARC BI Survey.




Please find more information in the following pdf and screenshots.



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We would like to convince you as well. We are sure to enable you to do best-class adhoc analysis and reporting with cubus EV Analytics.

Find our free trial version here and contact Jutta Grauper or Michael Muehlena for evidence.

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