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cubus outperform 8.8.0

In the current version, the focus is particularly on the further development of the cubus outperform EV Anywhere.


In Detail             

For cubus outperform EV Analytics users

With cubus outperform 8.8.0 we are pleased to announce the availability of the Calculator in EV Anywhere. The Calculator is one of the most loved features of EV. The calculator gives you the freedom to generate meaningful information on the fly. It gives you the freedom to keep asking questions and finding new insights, ensuring that the decisions you make are the right ones.

We have not just implemented the calculator one to one with the Desktop App. We have been listening to our users and introduced a number of new features to make it even better than it was before. For example:

  • Shortcuts are available for the most commonly used functions
  • Change the order of multiple calculations at the same time
  • Members can be added to formulas from the member select dialog
  • Functions now have descriptions
  • New dialog to rename existing calculations
  • Grouping of functions has been improved
  • Improved highlighting of cross-dimensional elements in a formula


With this release two new Client APIs are available to support the integration of Anywhere in other applications:

  • Client API – Can be used to embed Anywhere into existing portals and dashboard solutions
  • URL API – Can be used to link to Anywhere from existing solutions, such as dashboards and reporting tools


Finally, we have optimized performance for Analysis Services databases:

  • Improving the load time of the caching engine when using SSAS perspectives
  • Improvement of the pre-loading times by approx. 30% when using TM1



Now our cubus outperform EV Anywhere users have the advantage that the latest cloud and on-premise versions of OLAP databases (Microsoft Azure, Oracle Essbase, IBM TM1) are supported with this release.


Where can I get cubus outperform 8.8.0

You can find the current version and the release notes of cubus outperform after you have logged on to our website with your account. To the Login.

For further questions or installation support please contact our support team or phone +49 7032 9451-99.









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