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cubus outperform 8.7.0

In the Project Performance Management world, it is essential to have a Gantt chart.


Gantt charts provide an overview of the current projects within your organization and their status. For example, are the projects in time and in budget, and when are the important milestones of a project. Having an overview of all of your projects in one place also helps to communicate transparently to the project stakeholders.

With cubus outperform 8.7.0 we are pleased to introduce the new Gantt chart functionality:

  • Gantt charts can be created with just a few clicks and combined with existing functionality
  • The Gantt can be formatted and designed to your desired look and feel
  • Different scenarios can easily be compared to support you in your decision making process


In Detail             

For users of cubus outperform EV Analytics

New in 8.7.0:

In cubus outperform EV Anywhere client:

  • We have made significant performance improvements to EV Anywhere: These performance improvements speed up the time it takes when reading data, opening views for the first time and displaying the table.
  • We have introduced new options in the Format tab: It is possible to perform basic formatting, for example, decimal places, show data in thousands, indent row headers and much more.

A list of all changes can be found in the Release Notes. Just login with your user account.  


Where can I get cubus outperform 8.7.0

You can find the current version and the release notes of cubus outperform after you have logged on to our website with your account. To the Login.

For further questions or installation support please contact our support team or phone +49 7032 9451-99.









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