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cubus outperform 8.6.1

cubus outperform 8.6.1 is all about improving our reporting capabilities. Today, reporting is carried out in many different ways, using software applications, tablets, smartphones and generating documents such as PDF or Excel reports. Some companies are still printing directly to paper. All of these possibilities are valid and have to be taken seriously. We believe with this new 8.6 release we have them all covered.


In Detail             

For users of cubus outperform EV Analytics

New in 8.6.1:

In outperform EV Analytics we have introduced support for installing different versions of the EV Desktop App on the same client machine. For example, multiple production environments, or production and test versions.

In cubus outperform EV Anywhere client:

We have enhanced EV Anywhere by improving the data visualisation possibilities. All of the chart options have now been added to EV Anywhere (except maps and performance maps). This allows you to configure charts the way you want to see them and easily identify patterns in your data on your tablet or smartphone. In addition, all traffic light icons can now be displayed in your data tables, highlighting any issues within your data.

The new functionalities since release 8.6.0 of cubus outperform EV Anywhere client are the following:

  • It has been built from scratch and designed to run on a number of different devices such as Desktops, Tablets and Smartphones.

  • EV Anywhere also supports touch gestures; this gives you new possibilities to view your data on the go.

  • Although EV Anywhere contains limited functionality to start with, we have managed to implement 40+ improvements compared to the old EV Anywhere client and we will continue on this journey beyond the 8.6 release.



In 8.6, we wanted our customers to be able to create documents that look great, but also allow the report consumer to focus on their data. Therefore, we have introduced a number of new print options to enable these reports to be created.

  • It is now possible to add an image to the front page and set the position of the document title.

  • We have also introduced the possibility to include logos in the headers and footers of the generated documents. These new options are also available for report subscriptions.

  • We have also introduced new layout options to hide the tooltips; this creates less distraction when presenting your reports. Table cell comments respect the cell height and will be displayed in the cell space available.



We believe with EV Anywhere and the EV Desktop App we have the right clients in place to ensure you can carry out your analysis and reporting well into the future.

Finally, in EV we have also improved our integration with Essbase, SSAS and TM1. In Essbase it is now possible to drill up/down and include children on substitution variables. In SSAS and TM1 drill through indicators are now shown, and in TM1 it is now possible to aggregate offspread selections.

A list of all changes can be found in the Release Notes. Just login with your user account.  


Where can I get cubus outperform 8.6.1

You can find the current version and the release notes of cubus outperform after you have logged on to our website with your account. To the Login.

For further questions or installation support please contact our support team or phone +49 7032 9451-99.









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