Analytics meets Dashboarding

Unleashing Financial Reporting with Cubus EV and CXO Software

Every finance professional is expected to support critical decision making by offering key insights. But few ever get past the basic financial reporting process of getting the number right. CXO Software and cubus join forces to help the Office of Finance move beyond static reporting and towards becoming a value added provider of strategic insights. Combining the power of modern out-of-the-box dashboards and the strength of ad-hoc analysis possibilities, CXO Softwareand cubus together provide unparalleled financial reporting and analytics capabilities. 



Financial and Performance Reporting Software CXO Software


At CXO Software we help Finance teams all over the world with our reporting software to make the transition from a report-generating cost center, to a value-added provider of strategic insight for the entire organization.

We offer an alternative to outdated and error-prone Excel-driven processes; the low ‘financial intelligence’ of generic BI tools; and, most importantly, the lack of time allowed during reporting cycles for added-value analysis and insight. Are you ready to transform static spreadsheet based reporting, into Strategic Performance Reporting?

CXO Software offers real-time and actionable insight into all leading EPM Source Systems including Oracle, SAP, OneStream, MS SSAS and Tagetik.






Ad-hoc Analysis With cubus outperform EV Analytics

With cubus outperform EV Analytics creating your own ad hoc analyses is simple. You can select, search and sort all of the members, attributes and data that you need with just a few clicks. Best of all, you don’t need to start from scratch each time. You can get a jumpstart with predefined analyses that you can easily adapt to your requirements, save for later use, or even share with your colleagues.

Based on your own preferences your analysis could be done by using tables, graphs or both (tables and graphs) at the same time. You can perform free slicing and dicing in your multidimensional database in tabular or graphical form. The user interface is very easy and intuitive. Changing columns and rows, stacking dimensions, performing asymmetric selections or using built-in statistical functions is possible without any technical knowledge.

You can also dive deeper into your data. Create forecasts or run what-if scenarios to test the potential impact of different actions. With drill-down, drill-through and drill-across functions you can get to the bottom of variances.






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