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Oracle EssbaseOracle Essbase

As the first multidimensional database, Oracle Essbase still sets the standard on the OLAP market. Administrators in business or IT departments use this foundation to build powerful, scalable applications for planning, analysis, reporting and simulation.

Oracle Essbase also serves as an integrated component in the software solution cubus outperform.

Even large data volumes or numbers of users are no match for the ultrafast queries of Oracle Essbase. Interfaces to various data sources are also included in its standard functionality.

Whether you access your data from a spreadsheet, formatted report, powerful ad hoc analysis tool or other data visualizations methods, you always have a consistent view of your company in Oracle Essbase.

The fully integrated calculation engine with over 350 pre-defined functions supports a wide spectrum of applications. To fulfill specific requirements, you can also define custom rules ranging from simple aggregations and formulas spanning multiple dimensions to intelligent time-series calculations, powerful financial algorithms or sophisticated forecasting and trend functions.

As a specialist in Oracle Essbase, cubus has implemented countless successful projects over the years. Get more information on our consulting services for Oracle Essbase here.



For many years Essbase users have sworn by Hyperion Web Analysis as a quick and easy reporting solution.
After Standard Support had already been terminated in April 2015, now Premium Support expired on April 30th, 2017
For all companies that are still using the tool, we have made a list of the most popular features and compared them to the functionalities of the current generation of reporting solutions.
Our fact checker provides you with an overview:





IBM Cognos TM!IBM Cognos TM1

TM1, which became part of the product suite of IBM in 2008, was launched twenty-five years earlier as the first multidimensional in-memory OLAP database. The tool was designed so that business users could easily build powerful, flexible data models.

Through its capabilities to write back data, TM1 provides an ideal platform for analysis, reporting, planning and simulation. Users can run multiple scenarios to test the plausibility of their data in personal work areas called sandboxes.

TM1 calculates KPIs and aggregations in reports at turbo speed. The multidimensional in-memory database eliminates the need for time-consuming hard drive access during runtime. The TM1 database comes with IBM Cognos TM1 Turbo Integrator, which provides easy-to-use interfaces to various data sources.

IBM Cognos TM1 provides a fast, easy way to create ad hoc queries as well as predefined reports and tables in Excel.

You can also use cubus outperform EV Analytics as a Web-based, user-friendly tool for ad hoc analysis in IBM Cognos TM1.

IBM Cognos TM1 has been an integrated component of our software solution cubus outperform since 2015. Our experts would be happy to support you in implementing your applications. Get more information about our consulting services here.


Microsoft AnalysisMicrosoft analysis Services

Although the development of Microsoft Analysis Services (SSAS) began in 1998, its origins date back two years earlier when Microsoft began to focus on the field of OLAP technologies. In 2005, Microsoft launched a new generation of OLAP technology which it has continually extended and improved ever since.

cubus outperform, which closely resembles Excel in its look, feel and functionality, simplifies how you work with SSAS data. You can implement planning, reporting and analysis applications based on SSAS databases directly in cubus outperform to transform this raw data into useful information. These sophisticated reports of varying complexity combined with simple data-entry meet today’s requirements for a reliable, easy-to-use BI solution.

As a very powerful data engine, SSAS offers various functions for working on a data level as part of its standard functionality. cubus outperform provides the ideal front end for SSAS because virtually any user can work with this data within an Excel-like environment.

cubus outperform supports Microsoft Analysis Services versions 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2016.


SAP IntegrationSAP Integration

Any IT system that supports data-driven decisions should have capabilities for extracting data from SAP systems. The job of the extraction tool is to decode the complexity of the SAP system as well as supply the BI and performance management system with master and transactional data.

Our SAP integration tool for cubus outperform and data warehousing solutions is based on the market-leading integration technology of Theobald Software. More than 1,200 clients worldwide, ranging from midsize companies to large, international corporations, use products from Theobald to connect their IT systems to SAP. This connection is certified by SAP and meets all major security standards in SAP environments.

Depending on the number of relational databases that need to be integrated to cubus outperform, you can choose from two different products:

Xtract IS allows Microsoft SQL Server users to connect SAP extraction processes directly to Microsoft Integration Services.

Xtract Universal directly transfers data from SAP into an Oracle database environment for further processing (e.g. to manage and administer an Oracle Essbase environment).

Both products support a bidirectional interface, which means that you can transfer the final budget data from cubus output back to SAP. Using SAP as a master data source guarantees that you can easily work with the information from your company’s SAP systems.

A partner of Theobald Software, cubus has an experienced consulting team that can assist you with using Xtract software and integrating SAP data.

Xtract Universal

Xtract Universal offers a fast, easy, user-friendly tool for integrating SAP data in various target environments.

Xtract Universal enables automated data warehousing for Oracle, Teradata, Infonea from Comma Soft, INFORM and other leading platforms. BI architects can build an optimal, stable, high-performance data stream between SAP and the target environment. Using special ‘push’ functions, you can automatically load your target environment with SAP data without time-consuming ETL modeling. This allows you to deploy a data warehouse out of the box – with no additional middleware tools or configurations necessary.

Benefits for your business:

Choice of eight different extraction types

Central security

Central tracking and process monitoring for complete control over SAP access

Eight different components cover the complete spectrum of data extraction from SAP. Model type-safe data streams with full metadata support in a graphical editor. Perform stable, high-performance mass data extractions with just a few mouse clicks.

Xtract Universal is based on SAP-certified technology and runs on all popular SAP systems.


Xtract Universal is comprised of both a server and client component. The server component performs the actual extraction. The data warehouse communicates with the server component which, in turn, communicates with SAP. Since the server component has no interface, the extractions are configured in Xtract Universal Designer.

A direct interaction between SAP and ADO .NET providers, OLE DB data sources and Excel data sources is also supported.

Xtract IS

Xtract IS ensures a seamless integration between your mySAP or SAP BW system and SQL Server Integration Services. You can perform stable, high-performance mass data extractions with just a few mouse clicks.

The Xtract IS component suite offers a total of nine different components for SQL Server Integration Services and covers the complete spectrum of data extraction from SAP. You can model type-safe data streams with full metadata support in a graphical editor.

Xtract IS Table extracts table data.

Xtract IS Query extracts data from SAP queries.

Xtract IS BAPI calls RFC function models and can serve as a source, target or transformation.

Xtract IS BW Cube runs BW queries and returns the data as a table.

Xtract IS OHS uses Open Hub Services to extract BW cubes (version 3.5 and up), ODS objects and InfoSource.

Xtract IS Hierarchy extracts hierarchies from SAP BW / BI.

Xtract IS BW Loader transports attributes, text or transaction data to the BW system using an SSIS package.

Xtract Report allows you to continue using old ABAP reports including all business information after you have switched to a Microsoft environment.

Xtract IS DeltaQ uses R/3 extractors that are actually reserved for BW systems to implement your own change strategy between a productive R/3 system and SQL Server.

Migrate from IBM EV to cubus EV

In the first six months more than 100 customers, especially from Europe and North America, have migrated from IBM Executive Viewer to cubus EV. Migration is easy and customers can choose from simple, value-based license and support models.

Migration can be carried out from any IBM Executive Viewer version starting from 5.X to 10.2.1. The effort to migrate is similar to the effort to upgrade from an IBM Executive Viewer version to a newer one.

A trade-in-program for existing IBM Executive Viewer licences exist. The yearly maintenance is calculated based on the list-price of the enabled licenses. If you pay lower maintenance with IBM today, we would consider reducing the amount. You are not obliged to install cubus EV immediately. We will continue to help you with phone support on your current IBM EV version. But if your issue requires a software patch, this could only be solved in a cubus EV version.


How to migrate from IBM Executive Viewer to cubus EV

If you install cubus EV on a system where IBM Cognos Executive Viewer is installed, the following steps have to be carried out before the installation.

1. Check the connection information of the installed IBM Cognos Executive Viewer installation. It is important to have the information for the CatalogProvider, the SecurityProvider and the LogProvider configuration. This information can be found in the file EVServer.exe.config.
Please make a backup of the existing configuration file EVServer.exe.config before making any changes.

2. Uninstall the IBM Cognos Executive Viewer Note: This will NOT remove the EVRepository containing all existing items (e.g. views) and permissions.

3. Uninstall the IBM Cognos Executive Viewer Client (if installed)

4. Uninstall the IBM Cognos Executive Viewer Desktop Explorer (if installed)

5. Install cubus outperform EV Analytics

6. Modify the new EVServer.exe.config with all specific settings that you have configured before. (dataSourceSettings, custom LogProviders, BuiltInAdministrators, …)

If you are using “Local Views”, the view files have to be copied from “My IBM Cognos Executive Viewer Views” to “My EV Views”.



cubus outperform EV Analytics is a web-based analysis and reporting environment. It is developed to be integrated into today`s Microsoft Windows-based working environments.

All major windows server platforms and windows desktop client environments are supported, including:

Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014

Microsoft Windows XP SP3

Windows Vista SP2

Windows 7 SP1

Windows 8 und Windows 10


Release Notes

June 2017: cubus EV Release 8.2

The new release of cubus outperform takes analytics to the next level. By entering comments, you can draw attention to issues, explain backgrounds or add soft facts, which makes your analyses or reports more clear.  

  • You can write texts and use colors or bold formatting to highlight important aspects. Furthermore you can add images or attachments to explain or support a value.

  • Comments eliminate the time-consuming hunt for the cause of exceptions. They make results easier to understand and accountable.

  • By activating the highlight function, you can see straight away, where comments have been added. This is particularly useful to find important information quickly, especially with large amounts of data with many dimensions.


March 2017: cubus EV Release 8.1.3

This is a maintenance release that includes new features:

Export views to Excel XLSX format: it is now possible to export views to XLSX format. XLS format is still supported. The XLS format has a limitation of 65,536 rows and 256 columns, XLSX format has a limitation of 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns.

Export views to Excel in EV Anywhere: it is now possible to export to Excel in EV Anywhere. Views are exported as XLSX format.

November 2016: cubus EV Release 8.1.2

This is a Maintenance Release focusing on fixing defects, especially those of high priority and that effect many of our customers. Performance improvements was one of the side effects.

September 2016: cubus EV Release 8.1.1

This is maintenance release focusing on quality and improvements, we have introduced a number of new Features:

  • Dynamic Subtotals – A new calculator function called Dynamic Subtotal has been added. This calculation is based on its position in the table and calculates the total value of members above it until another Dynamic Subtotal is found. This reduces the effort for creating and maintaining views and also only calculates data that is displayed.

  • SSAS Tabular Mode – Tabular mode will be supported for Analysis Services 2012 and 2014.

  • EV Anywhere – New options to give users more flexibility when analyzing data.
July 2016: cubus EV Release 8.1

This release is a maintenance release. The details about the new features and fixed defects can be found in the download section.

New features:

You can now visualize your data using the new charting capabilities and they look exactly the same as the desktop client

Sparklines can now be displayed in the data table

We have received some exceptional feedback to the innovative feature additional member information in cells, so we decided to add this to EV Anywhere

Changes in views can now be saved

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Browsers are now supported (in addition to Safari on IOS)


cubus EV Release 8.0

The most visual EV ever! We have been listening to our customers and we have been able to meet the number one requirement of our users. At the same time our dream came true: cubus EV has a new charting component!

It is now possible to perform a visual analysis of OLAP data, using modern and state of the art charts, while keeping the unique and intuitive EV user

New charting engine

Over 50 new options and possibilities

New axis configurations

New grid options

Title position and label position can be set

Line chart – Missing values as zero, line style, high and low points, legend on lines

Bar chart – Gap, spacing and outline color

And much more.

Small Multiples

Instead of displaying all of the data on one chart, each series of data will be displayed on a separate chart.


Display a chart in a table cell as line or bar

Displayhigh and low points

Additional Member Information in Table Cells

This functionality is available for Essbase and SSAS databases. The name of the attribute dimension member or attribute hierarchy member will be displayed respectively.


Data entry for ASO databases is supported


Start TI Processes directly from EV client

Windows 10 Support

Oracle 12c Relational Database Support


cubus EV Release 7.6

This new release has taken the voting results into consideration and includes a number of new features.

New features:

Auto size columns

Table and chart selection

Display value as date

Preview image for template

Column header alignment

Navigate to view from Canvas-dashboard



None admin client installation

Data bars for Mobile Client

cubus EV Release 7.5

The new release will provide an enhanced usability: with a new ribbon based user interface functions are better visible and easy to access while still using all known existing functionality and usability. This version will also cover the number one wish of our customer base: the availability of report templates.

New features:

Ribbon user interface


Recent and favorites

Report titles

Data bars

Mobile Client – Dimension stacking and swapping

IBM TM1 10.2.2

cubus EV Release 7.4

The first mobile version of the cubus EV Client is now available. The mobile client supports iOS6 and iOS7 on the iPad. The new features of this version have been implemented based on customer feedback. In total, 12 items from the Top 50 customer wish list have been implemented. cubus EV 7.4.0 supports the latest OLAP database versions of TM1 (10.2) and Essbase ( The client can now be integrated in to the Oracle BI Foundation Suite.


Member formatting dialog: provides information about all individual member formats. Individual formats can be deleted. Existing format definitions can be used for new members.

Pass Offgrid-Selection to other Views

Added new predefined display codes for currency and percentage.


Rename database, enhancement to Activity Log, list of „invalid“ views

cubus EV Release 7.3

This is the first release of cubus outperform EV Analytics.

cubus outperform EV Analytics is a new product based on the Executive Viewer technology. cubus EV version 7.3 has the same functionality as IBM® Cognos® Executive Viewer version 10.1. This means that existing IBM Cognos Executive Viewer installations can be directly migrated to cubus EV, similar to upgrading an existing installation to a newer version.

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