cubus outperform EV Analytics 8.3

cubus outperform 8.3 - now available!

This release focusses primarily on supporting Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and it is only intended for Oracle Essbase and Microsoft Analysis Services customers. In addition to optimizations to the previous functions, the new version provides additional features.

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cubus outperform 8.3

This release provides our users with a number of benefits and a number of new functions. Some of the benefits can be seen below.



  Values and text together    Transparenz von Datencomments transparency

              Values and text together                                        Data transparency                                      Comment transparency

Förderung des Austauschs von Usern            Planung und Analyse

            Bringing users together                                          Plan and analyse




Use also cubus outperform to set the stage for your own company "comment culture". We are certain that you will not want to miss the benefits: 

  • You can write texts and use colors or bold formatting to highlight important aspects. Furthermore you can add images or attachments to explain or support a value.

  • Comments eliminate the time-consuming hunt for the cause of exceptions. They make results easier to understand and accountable.

  • By activating the highlight function, you can see straight away, where comments have been added. This is particularly useful to find important information quickly, especially with large amounts of data with many dimensions.

  • If you have questions regarding a comment you can enter your own remarks and engage in a discussion or exchange ideas with your colleagues.

The new comment functionality is a cubus outperform feature and available in planning and analysis modules (Workbooks and EV). 


In Detail

For users of cubus outperform EV Analytics

We have been busy introducing the following:


Highlights of Version 8.3

  • Support for SQL Server 2016

  • Create View Link. This functionality allows you to create a link to a point of view.

  • Chart formats can now be used in small multiple charts.

  • A list of all changes can be found in the Release Notes. Just login with your user account.  


In Generell

  • Animated chart display supports analysts in presentations to tell an interesting story based on live data

  • Settings for Bar Charts are extended to define bar width, gap between bars and colors for outlined bars

  • Line Charts could be displayed in 3 different styles and zero values in a dataset can be treated in various ways. High/Low-Values could be highlighted.

  • Pie-Charts could be displayed as „Donuts“ as well.

  • Axes in graphs may have different colors and behaviors like being displayed in the background or on top. The axis may be displayed as solid, dotted or dashed lines.

  • New possibilities to influence the position of values and text in the graph to support better communicate the message of the graph.

  • In addition to databars and variance bars, cell-charts offer the possibility to represent a series of data in sparklines, a great representation to present a set of data in a compressed line or bar-chart within a single cell of a table.

  • With the additional member information out of Essbase attribute dimensions and SSAS hierarchy attributes displayed in the data cells of a table, cubus EV is extending the possibility of tabular analysis and reporting into a new dimension.

  • Support for IBM Planning Analytics 2.0 Local. Formerly known as TM1, it is now possible to define hierarchies in its latest version offering the users additional capabilities for displaying their data. cubus outperform EV Analytics is one of the first front-ends to support this new feature using the REST API.

  • Fast off-spread navigation in cubus EV Analytics: In view mode users can now quickly page through their data. By clicking on the new arrows, they can jump instantly to the next or previous member.

  • We have also made some additional minor improvements.

  • It is possible to define default hierarchies for Microsoft SSAS and IBM Planning Analytics TM1 databases. A list of all changes can be found in the Release Notes. Just login with your user account.


For Administrators

  • For Essbase Administrators – This version will not support Essbase version 7 and 9 anymore. The software will be able to connect to these Essbase versions. Bug fixes or enhancements related to these versions will not be possible.

  • For TM1 Administrators – This release no longer supports the TM1 Native API. Future versions of EV will only support the TM1 REST API.





Watch the video and learn more about the comment functionality:





Where can I get cubus outperform 8.3?

You can find the current version and the release notes of cubus outperform after you have logged on to our website with your account. To the Login.

For further questions or installation support please contact our support team or phone +49 7032 9451-99.



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