see why MasterCard uses cubus EV

Here is the voice of Robert Mayette, the Business Leader Business Intelligence at MasterCard:
“I’ve been a cubus customer since the launch of the EV Analytics product, and we use it extensively at MasterCard.
The ease of use of EV Analytics has been instrumental in making it one of the most highly used reporting tools in the company, used by Finance, Account Management, Sales and Product Management teams globally.

Navigating an Essbase cube and pulling out insights is incredibly easy with EV Analytics, giving our users the freedom to navigate and discover trends.
EV Analytics “speaks” Essbase, so my users get all the functionality that we build into our cubes delivered into their hands in a streamlined, friendly interface.
EV Analytics really lets OLAP reporting live up to its promises.  Furthermore, I’m always impressed about how much attention the cubus team puts into enhancing EV Analytics. 
They always canvas their customers and layer in the features that people are asking for.  That should be the norm for software companies, but it isn’t, and cubus continues to delight with each release of EV Analytics.”

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